School Resource Officers in Bossier arrested a man Friday (5/21/2021) at Airline High School for possession of a handgun and drugs.
24 year old Bobdrick Thomas of Shreveport was attending a Pre-K and Kindergarten graduation being held at the Airline Highschool auditorium. Thomas was outside of the auditorium having a verbal altercation with another person. The altercation became heated, and that's when Thomas brandished a gun.
Bossier School Resource Officers located Bobdrick Thomas and got permission from Thompson to search his vehicle for the gun. Upon finding the gun, officers were also able to find a rolled cigar with suspected marijuana in it. After his Miranda Rights were read, Thomas admitted that both the gun and the blunt belonged to him.
“This incident could have been worse,” said Sheriff Whittington. “I am thankful our SRO’s were on duty to prevent this incident from further escalation, and for keeping everyone safe inside the school.”
Thomas was charged with one count of Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, one count of Carrying a Firearm on School Property, one count of Possession of Control Dangerous Substance in a Drug-Free Zone, and one count of Simple Possession of Schedule I Narcotic. He was booked into the Bossier Maximum-Security Facility. His bond has not been set.

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