While we wait for someone to find that damned elusive easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn has generously shared a few easter eggs that didn’t make the cut in Vol. 2. The references appear to have been part of a deleted scene from the film, but it’s not one that was included on the official Blu-ray release back in August, making this a real sweet early Halloween treat.

Gunn revealed the cut easter eggs in a series of set photos from Atlanta over on his Facebook page. They’re all storefronts with names referencing artists and writers from Marvel Comics who contributed to the Guardians mythology (and some just referencing the Marvel universe in general) — so these probably only would’ve been spotted by serious Marvel nerds. In the last photo, you can see Gunn standing with Gregg Henry, who he previously worked with on Slither and who was set to play Peter Quill’s grandpa:

Here are a few of the references on the fictional storefronts: Bill Mantlo (creator of Rocket Raccoon), Andrew Lanning and Dan Abnett (co-creators of the Guardians revamp in 2008), and Healing Hand (an old nod to the Avengers comics).

Gunn notes that this setup was related to another cut scene, which featured fictional movie posters for “Simon Williams” — a deleted part involving Nathan Fillion.

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