Gwen Stefani had a homework assignment for her wedding with Blake Shelton, and she did all she could to put it off. The country singer says his wife said the sweetest things on their wedding day, but those vows were written the night before.

The 51-year-old pop star even tried to get out of writing them. Talking to SiriusXM the Highway's Storme Warren, Shelton said it was their officiant Carson Daly's idea for them to write their own vows, and he was really stubborn about it. After sharing that The Voice host almost went to seminary school but chose media instead, he started talking about how serious he was about it all.

"Like when it started getting like two weeks away, she was like, ‘Oh my God, let's just not do that.'" Shelton says of Stefani and her vows. "'Let's just, let's just like, have the repeat after me stuff.’ And you know what I mean? And, and Carson was adamant about, no, you, you can, you know, look, you're a songwriter, you can do this."

Shelton did a bit more to plan. OK, he spent a lot of time writing an original song with Craig Wiseman and performed it for her. Then he went into the recording studio to cut it, saying fans very well may get a chance to hear it because he's very proud of it. Stefani's procrastination didn't make her vows any weaker than his, however. The 45-year-old recalls getting very emotional.

"I still haven't even seen a video of, of our wedding yet. So I can't remember all, all the things she said, but it was, she had them written down and she had a hard time getting through them," he shares. "I had a hard time, uh, you know, trying to, you know, get through what she said also."

Shelton and Stefani married on July 3 at his ranch in Oklahoma. It was a small wedding with just family and very few friends.

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