Hailee Steinfeld has responded to speculation that she threw shade at her ex-boyfriend Niall Horan earlier this week.

On Wednesday (Jan. 2), the Bumblebee star was accused of taking a dig at her former One Direction singer ex when she shared a series of messages written by fellow pop artist Julia Michaels.

The posts, which supported the New Year's resolution of "no more dating narcissists," took aim at narcissistic significant others who are "masters of manipulation" and believe "they're entitled to every shred of their partner's attention."

"God bless you @juliamichaels. Preach it," Steinfeld wrote, sharing the statements on her own social media.

Naturally, considering Steinfeld's recent split from Horan, many fans interpreted the posts as shade directed towards the actress's ex. On Twitter, however, Steinfeld made sure to clarify the posts shouldn't be read too far into with regards to her previous relationship.

"No hidden messages my loves. Just reposted an interesting read that I'm sure some of y'all can relate to. Nothing but love," she tweeted.

Steinfeld and Horan's relationship was made public in August 2018 when a photo of the pair smooching surfaced.

News of the couple's breakup broke in mid-December, though it's reported they had actually split a few months prior.

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