Happy 4th of July!

It was way back in 1776 that the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence... Paving the way for us to have the great life and freedoms we all enjoy.

We celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks (except this year!), flags, BBQ's, and spending time with our friends and families.

And while you enjoy your 4th, you can also impress everyone with some fun 4th facts!

For example:

  • Over 150 million hot dogs will be eaten today. 64 of them by the winner of a hot dog eating contest!
  • Over $600 million will be spent on fireworks. Only $37 million of them are made in the USA.
  • 81 million people will have a cookout.
  • Favorites sweets? Watermelon and apple pie.
  • BJ Kelley's favorite? Home-made ice cream!
  • 80% of American flags are made in China. (I actually had to search 3 stores before finding one made in the USA at Target!)

Hope you and your family have a happy and safe 4th!
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4th of July Fun Facts Infographic
Via: VA Home Loans

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