I'm a bit of wimp. I won't even try denying it! With that being said, I still enjoy a good horror film from time to time... You know, as long as there isn't too much blood and guts! With that being said, here are my picks for best horror movies of all time, just in time for Halloween viewing and enjoyment!

28 Days Later - This freaked me out mainly because when you think about it, it could actually happen!

Pet Sematary - We'd all like to think our pets cross the rainbow bridge when they die, but does anyone really know for sure?

Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddie and the crew hit my screen in 1984 when I was a tender 10 years of age... It freaked me the heck out!

Poltergeist - I know it's old school and little campy but it will make you wet your pants!!!

And finally, what list of scary movies is complete without The Exorcist?!?!?

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