Happy new year to me! I know that may sound crazy, but bear with me!

Sept 24th, 2018 was the first day of a challenging year for me. We buried a dear friend that day and later that evening, my mother fell and broke her leg in two spots, as well as her wrist, and needed a ton of care.

Since then, my marriage ended and I've lost both more dear friends and multiple pets/horses. I battled depression. I had to bow up and get a ton of repairs made to my house and my mother's. New A/C units in both, downed trees, roofs, you name it... I even dealt with poison sumac in my lungs and covering my face and body from that dang tree. (Don't burn poison sumac!)

I also helped to start a new therapy program, then had to back out because of life... I've sadly even lost friendships because of the divorce... I could go on and on and count my grievances... but I'm not. Over the last year, I've found grace and peace. I've learned that I have an amazing support system and how to finally ask for and accept help. My family and dear friends have been with me every step of the way and I can never repay your kindness and love.

I'm finally in a place where I can rediscover who I am and find my new normal. Time has given me perspective and I know that He has plans to bless me with a true life partner. He's already blessed me with the tools and strength I needed to persevere, even though I still need to figure out the weed eater! 😂 So, thank you to my friends, new and old, who have propped me up. I love you and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm ready to write the next chapter in my story!

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