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Work sucks and this time of year, it gets harder and harder to go to work. So how would you like to get rewarded for putting up with your bosses crap day-in and day-out?

We have made it easy. All you have to do is email Robert and Erin the reason you dislike your job and if they choose  your story, you get:

1.) 1 pair of tickets to see Nickelback in Dallas at the American Airlines Center on June 1.

2.) Backstage passes to meet Chad Kroeger and the rest of the band.

3.) Passes to hang out in the Gibson Lounge

4.) A personally autographed Nickelback guitar.

So how do you win?

Email Robert and Erin why you need a break from the job you hate.

You MUST include the following (your information will not be sold or used in conjunction with advertising. Your name will be changed for anonymity, if you are chosen) :

- Send to email, Robert and Erin at

- Name (First and Last)

- Email Address

- Phone Number

- Home Address

- Preferred "fake name"

- Tell us your story

Then get ready for Robert and Erin to read your story on the air. They will pick one story each day, post it on our website (and include it on our Facebook page).

Then Friday after the show, a voting poll will have all 4 stories will be placed on for everyone to vote on the most deserving story to win the prize.

Tuesday morning (5/29), Robert and Erin will reveal the winning vote grabber and contact the winner of the contest. We want to hear your story about bad days on the job. One lucky winner will get a break from the monotony and win tickets to see Nickelback in Dallas along with backstage passes.

Here are some of our entries:

1] From Horatio:

I am a morning show producer for a television station. I have to wake up at 8 or 9 p.m. Sunday-to-Friday and work from 11-to-7 a.m. I have been on this shift for over a year now and deal with co-workers that some days are impossible to work with. It sucks to have to sleep during the day and then sit by yourself for most of the night in front of a computer screen working. My weekends consist of hardly any sleep where I usually spend between 25 and 30 hours awake on Friday's. It is usually the same routine on Saturday's. The weekends are usually the one time I get to spend with my family. The job is exciting at times but most days it is very monotonous and stressful. I would love to have a night rocking out with Nickelback without having to worry about the stress of working an overnight shift.

2] This from MeMe:
OK - I figure all of your stories will be pretty funny or horrible.  I actually hate my job because at the end of each school year I must say goodbye to my 8th graders.  You see, I teach 8th grade special education and have for 11 years.  After three years with some of these students, they move on to high school.  This is our last full week of school.  They began telling me, "I'm going to miss you."  They come up and hug me.  We all start becoming emotional.  While some would think that the last week of school would be extremely happy for a teacher, this is the thing that I hate about my job.  And the first day of school -- well, I look forward to seeing the students (new and old) again.  Some of my kids will go on to high school, some will move away, many I may never see again.  This is the ONLY thing I hate about my job!  (except maybe for some of the adults - lol).

3] Here's one from "Samantha"

I work in a retail place that does alot of business day in and day out.  We have multi level managers, 4 levels to be exact, and i am so tired of the total and utter lack of communication along with the use of too much delegation. You are told one thing, 5 minutes later you are told a different thing by a different manager, and then when you dont understand something because youve been told so many differnt things, and you go back to ask what to do about it they look at you as if you have two heads and dont have a clue as to what you are talking about. They walk around as if they are golden, and yet none of them have a clue as to what has to or needs to be done. And to top it off, a project that had a deadline of friday was looming last week and everyone was scramling to get it done, i have a manager come up to me on thursday asking me how to do it!  Its like really? You get paid a big salary, and im stuck making minimum wage, and yet im showing you how to do your job! I really need a break from here!

4] Frederick sends us this:
I have been a self employed residential sub-contractor for 34 years now. I have to wake up at 2:00am:( and travel at least a 100 mile radius of my home each day in no telling which direction each day depending on where the job is. Then I have to work do my job and drive all the way back home, load up materials for the next day and do the same thing over again and again, I think you get the jest of it. I work in below freezing to low 100′s year round. Now I’m 52 years old and I’m not getting any younger. My health has suffered terribly because of the demands of this work and I have had around 16 surgeries since 2010. I need to kick back and chill out with Nickelback over some cold beers or in their case some Patron and take a breather from life. Maybe an evening with Nickelback will kickstart my heart!

5] And this one from Madeline

I work in a local hospital (in labor and delivery)..can’t say which one. But I go in to work at 7 every morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I have a co-worker who is driving me nuts. She talks all the time and is always in everyone else’s business. She’s the most annoying person I have ever been around and I have to deal with her every day.

Send us your stories about troubles at work to