If you are in the market for a haunted island. Lucky you! There is one for sale. Well, there is a few things you need to know before you follow through with your transaction. One, it is on the Delaware River. Two, all six aces of the island are completely forested. There's no house, bridge, or anything built on the island. However, there is one thing... a ghost!

According to Coast to Coast, when you purchase the island, you are also getting a ghost that has been haunting the island for years! The haunted ghost is said to be Carl Getter and Carl's story is pretty intense.

Basically, Carl was sentenced to death after the murder of his wife. It was such a big story in the area that so many people showed up to watch him hang that they moved the event to the island so everyone could see. He had to be hung twice, since the rope broke on the first try. People celebrated after the execution occurred. So now his spirit reportedly lurks on the island to this day.

I mean if you are really into owning haunted houses and objects, this is something you could add to your creepy collection. I don't have any haunted stuff, but I have been to a few haunted houses that creepy stuff happened. Would you purchase a haunted island?

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