Let's be honest, a blessed event costs a lot of money. A lot. So if having a baby is in your future, check out these financial tips from Elizabeth Renter at Nerdwallet, and USA Today. Some of them are for before the actual birth, and some are for immediately after, but the advice is something that will make you feel a little more prepared for the gigantic shift that's coming to your life.

  • Know your health insurance and anticipate costs
  • Plan for maternity/paternity leave
  • Get your pre-baby budget together
  • Plan a post-baby budget
  • Check your insurance network and choose a pediatrician
  • Check your emergency fund
  • Order a birth certificate and Social Security card
  • Get an insurance policy on your child
  • Add your child to your health insurance
  • Start planning for child care
  • Adjust your beneficiaries
  • Check your disability insurance if you are taking an extended leave of absence at your job
  • Write a will, or adjust the one you already have
  • Stay on top of your retirement funds
  • Start saving for the baby's education (it's never too early!)

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