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The state of Louisiana sees some incredible rain. Whether it severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, tropical storms, or just drenching rains, Louisiana is a rain drenched state.

During many of those storms, Louisiana residents are out on the roadways. Severe weather doesn't wait on your schedule, so it will strike during your commute or on a road trip. No matter the reason, people in the state have to drive in these torrential rains.

While driving, you'll inevitably see other drivers using their hazard lights while driving in that rain. You might even be the one turning them on, or at least have the urge to. But that maneuver is actually illegal in the state.

The simple writing of the law says:

"Flashing lights are prohibited except on authorized emergency vehicles, school buses, or on any vehicle as a means of indicating a right or left turn, or the presence of a vehicular traffic hazard requiring unusual care in approaching, overtaking or passing."

But it's not just an old state law that has randomly remained on the books. This law is actually one that Louisiana State Police say we need. In Twitter posts from 2019, the State Police explain their view of the situation:

When these Tweets went viral online, many reacted with shock and disbelief. The practice of driving in heavy rain with your hazard lights on has been regularly used in the state for some time. So drivers who think they're actually helping others are shocked to find out they're actually breaking the law.

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