Big Little Lies is being touted as one of HBO's darkest dramas of the year, winning fans over with its too-real depiction of how little white lies can build and break an entire community. But even after a seven-episode stint and fatal finale, fans are still clamoring for more—and their cries have not gone unheard.

Last month (April 24), leading actress Reese Witherspoon revealed to E! News during a red carpet appearance that talks of a potential second season are being held with producers and that Liane Moriarty, who authored the book, could be tapped to draft a new narrative for her characters if the project is picked up.

And while that all sounds good and all, there are plenty of cliffhangers that were never fully addressed in the first season.

While we ruminate on the nail-biting possibility of a return, here are four plot points that need to be explored in Big Little Lies Season 2. (You know, if there is one.)

Warning: spoilers ahead.

  • 1

    The Carlson family


    None of the couples were more diminished than the Carlson family. Aside from teaching downward dogs, nursing Abigail's criminal "charity project" and maintaining a basic botanical lifestyle, Bonnie was a monotonous character leading up to the finale when she jolted Perry to his sudden death. As for Nathan, it was easy to gather that he was merely a pushover father.

    The show's treatment of Bonnie as nothing more than Madeline's (Nathan's ex-wife) maternal understudy, paired with her lack of identity outside of being Nathan's passive wife, really rubbed the wrong way, too. And did anyone else notice how their daughter, Skye, went inexplicably unnoticed throughout the entire series?

    And don't give us the "can't fit every kid into the storyline" excuse, because no other child on the show was as muted as Skye. She barely had any scenes and, come to think of it, any speaking parts, either. Moreover, Bonnie and Skye being the only central characters of color on Big Little Lies doesn't make matters any better...but that's a diatribe for another day.

    Case in point, this family had better get the spotlight they deserve.

  • 2

    Madeline's affair, revealed


    In the finale, Madeline's guilt over her affair with Joseph finally sets in and her shame begins to overwhelm her. As Jane runs to aid her drunken friend, Madeline finally confesses that she cheated on her husband Ed—but that was it.

    Ed and Madeline's relationship has been on the rocks since the series began, and so I would have liked to have known whether their marriage could survive another bump—more like pothole—in the road. The curtains closed without this ever being addressed; we never know if she does confess to Ed or keep her adultery a secret.

    This would make a great starting point for Season 2 since Tori (Joseph's suspicious wife) has been on Madeline's heels ever since she learned they were sharing a car during that near-fatal accident happens in Episode 5. If properly executed, things could get bloody between these two.

  • 3

    Jane Chapman's past


    No one likely suspected Perry to be the mysterious Saxon Banks, whom we discover is the man who raped Jane, siring Ziggy. Even though that was one helluva plot twist they pulled off in the finale, something didn’t quite add up to this revelation.

    Jane is such an aloof character, which made her connection to Perry that more bizarre to believe. Yeah, the pieces are all there: Jane never encountered Perry in person until trivia night (in the finale), and because he used an alias when he raped her, she would not have recognized his name in conversation, anyway. Still, there's likely more to Jane's story than she's letting on.

    Season 2 would surely benefit from examining more of Jane's origins, starting with her absent family (which no one seemed to question), and more importantly, how this awful discovery will affect Jane and Celeste, whose children are siblings.

  • 4

    The investigation


    The woman in the straw hat next to me murdered my children’s father the other night, but I’m too busy building sandcastles to press charges or seek justice right now, said no sane person ever.

    I’ve watched enough Law & Order: SVU to know that murder suspects—corroborated or not—don’t get off scot-free as these mommies do in the finale. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted Perry to die as much as everyone else, but you didn’t honestly think we were going to settle for that shoreside happy ending, did you? I didn’t think so.

    Just before the credits roll for the last time, we notice someone—a detective, maybe?—staking out near the beach, peering out at the mommies through binoculars. The investigation is likely far from over, and someone is probably going to the slammer.

    Not only would an investigative pursuit force the women to tell more lies and keep even more secrets between one another, it would pressure them to keep those loose ends from unraveling. How long will the ladies cover for Bonnie? Couldn’t Jane be a suspect if they learn Perry raped her?

    It's probably a reach, but there are too many leads that can be taken with the murder investigation — it would be careless to wrap it up in such a pretty bow the way they did.

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