With the Shreveport Mayoral election fast approaching, all the candidates are working to get their message out to the voters.  And KEEL News is helping you get to know each candidate over the next few weeks.  We've invited each candidate to come into the KEEL News studio for one hour to answer questions and share their visions for the future of Shreveport.

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Each mayoral candidate will get one hour in studio with Mike & McCarty between Monday, October 17th, and November 4th.  Invitations have gone out to all 10 candidates, and most have responded.  There will be no set questions, the candidates will not get any questions in advance, and different candidates will get different questions.

How to Submit Your Questions to the Candidates

If you'd like to ask the candidates questions, you can submit your questions through the Shreveport Security Systems Message Board accessible through the KEEL App.  The app is available as a free download through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Here is the tentative schedule for each candidate coming up on 710KEEL

Monday, October 17th

7A-8A- Tracy Mendels

Wednesday, October 19th

8A-9A- Lauren Anderson

Thursday, October 20th

8A-9A- Darryl Ware

Friday, October 21

8A-9A- Adrian Perkins

Monday, October 24th

7A-8A- Tom Arceneaux

Wednesday, October 26th

8A-9A- Gregory Tarver

Thursday, October 27th

8A-9A- Julius Romano

Friday, October 28th

7A-8A- LeVette Fuller

Monday, October 31st

7A-8A- Mario Chavez


Invitations were extended to all 10 candidates.  As of this writing, KEEL News has heard from all candidates with the exception of Melvin Slack.

Take a Peak Inside Shreveport Mayoral Forum

Huge crowd shows up to hear 10 candidates for Mayor of Shreveport.

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