State Senator John Milkovich has pre-filed a bill to ban abortions in Louisiana if the heartbeat of a fetus is detectable.

The Shreveport Democrat says if this bill passes, it would mean most women five to six weeks into their pregnancy would not be able to have an abortion.

“Clearly what we are striving for is zero abortions. Clearly our underlying premise is that a single abortion is murder, and that no abortion is acceptable.”

Center for Reproductive Rights Chief Council for State Policy Elisabeth Smith says the law would act as a near total ban on abortions, as many women don’t even know they are pregnant by that point.

Several states including neighboring Mississippi have passed similar laws, but they’ve been frozen by the courts for review and likely would require a long trip to the US Supreme Court for final passage. Milkovich says this fight is worth the effort.

“I don’t think that the legislature should stop from doing the good thing because some small number of federal judges may do the wrong thing.”

Like in other states, the law would likely be immediately challenged in court, and face stiff legal opposition. Milkovich says he’s proud to live in a pro-life state, and looks forward to fighting the “abortion lobby”.

“(They’re only interested in) Number one, making money, they want green. Number two, its about some of these people literally have a desire to kill of most of our next generation.”

Smith says to date none of the six week bans have been enforced, and she’s confident the courts will keep it that way.

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