You can donate to an exciting LSU scholarship program and help Louisiana's eligible students attend LSU and at the same time get a special commemorative LSU football.

LSU Limited Edition Football

The limited edition football memorializes LSU"s BCS National Championship game against Alabama Monday in New Orleans at the Super Dome.

Only 5,000 are being made and the football comes with a special acrylic case with a black base and a certificate of authenticity. It will include all of LSU's scores from their entire season, as well as the score against Alabama if LSU wins.

LSU's Pelican Promise scholarship makes attending LSU possible for more than 1,100 students in need of financial aid.

The school started this need-based grant program for Louisiana residents funded by the institution beginning in 2007 to assist students with financial need in paying for college.

This program provides a tuition and registration fee exemption to students meeting specific need based criteria. For eligibility and retention details, visit LSU's financial aid website.

Bob Ibach says to get your special one-of-a-kind football just go to his website,, or call 800-345-2868. This is a special season for LSU in more ways than one.

If they beat Alabama, the Tigers will be one of only five teams in history to boast that success. Also, this is the first time in history that two teams from the same conference have played each other.

In fact, there are rumblings now of a playoff system for college football, similar to what the National Football League implements.

The latest is a possible 4 team playoff system.

These special LSU commemorative footballs only cost $99. So far, Ibach, says The Pelican's Promise has raised almost $2 million dollars for children's and teenagers' charities in the last four years.

Ibach predicts LSU over Bama by a score of 24-17. I'm predicting LSU as the victors, 31-21. KVKI listener Lamar predicts LSU over Bama, 14-10. There's a lone Bama win prediction from Buddy. He says Bama over LSU, 21-10.

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