I keep staring at my ring thinking "Do I really get to wear this every day?". I went to visit my family in Seattle for Thanksgiving and I came back an engaged woman. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 3 years now and he truly is my best friend. How lucky am I that I get to spend forever with my BFF? The reality has sunken in now that I am thinking of different places to

I am already looking into booking a venue and picking a date. Most of the weddings that I have been involved with were way over what I would consider a decent budget. According to Business Insider, the average wedding in America costs $33,000. Wait, excuse me?

Do Americans spend someone's annual income on a wedding? This has to be wrong. I have been a DJ at several weddings and I guess I have never taken into account how every little thing can add up.

Since I am in unchartered waters, what were you able to save on when you were planning your wedding? What do you regret spending so much money on? Where were you able to save some serious cash? Let me know by messaging me on Facebook here.

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