Does Shreveport need a brand identity? One college professor thinks so, and is getting to work on it.

University of Dallas students are conducting research on the city, and are looking for public input. Catchy "Brand Identities" have helped build iconic brands like Coca-Cola and Nike, that are known around the world. But, does a city need to brand itself?

Some research indicates that answer, is yes. University of Dallas Marketing Professor, Scott Wysong says

“Like the brands we identify with and purchase, cities need branding to attract tourists and businesses”

Wysong, who just happens to be a resident of Shreveport, is currently heading up a research project on the city. According to Wysong, Shreveport needs help with their  brand identity. Wysong says

“Shreveport has a lot of great things about it and branding the city will hopefully enhance those positive attributes,” 

Though some have labeled Shreveport "Ratchet City", that "Identity" doesn't portray the kind of confidence that Wysong is suggesting. So if not "Ratchet City" than what?

Wysong's MBA students are currently conducting research, and are looking for public input. If you submit a survey to them by July 12th, you could even win a $50 gift card to a local Shreveport business for the assist. Fill out your survey here:

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