Here are the most common names for millennials. Is your name on the list?

Millennials are a fun group, and there's a lot of them doing big things in the world these days. It seems like you hear the word "millennials" every day at some point, as they are often times the topic of conversations. Although, I'm not 100% sure if being a millennial is a good thing or a bad thing.

When it comes to the names of these millennials, I see it in a unique way. Think about this, millennials will be the last generation to have what we would all call "normal names". Let's face it, these days parents have quite a bit of creativity and they aren't afraid afraid to use it. Who knows what the most common names of this current generation will be... My guess is something like "Apple" or "Siri".

For millennials, here are the most common names for guys and girls.

For men, the top 10 are:  Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Joshua, Danie, David, Andrew, James, Joseph, and John.

For women, the top 10 names are:  Jessica, Ashley, Amanda, Sarah, Jennifer, Emily, Samantha, Elizabeth, Stephanie, and Lauren.


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