Is There a Baked Potato Shortage in Shreveport-Bossier?

I know this sounds crazy but I am pretty sure that there is a russet potato shortage in Bossier. Actually not just Bossier but in Shreveport as well.

I tried to locate a couple of russet potatoes at a few different grocery stores on Airline Drive. The only place that had russet potatoes available had a 5-pound bag. I don’t need 5 pounds of potatoes I’m just cooking dinner for myself and a friend. I figured it was odd and I just caught the grocery stores on a bad day.

My Friend Went to 4 Different Stores Looking for Russet Potatoes.

She is just like me and needs a few for dinner she’s not trying to throw a dinner party or anything so a 5-pound bag isn’t necessary. She called me and was so annoyed she said “there has to be a russet potato shortage that we don’t know about.”

I took to Facebook and asked if people were having luck finding russet potatoes. Turns out my friend and I are not the only ones trying to find russet potatoes. After asking multiple people, several business owners reached out to me and claimed they are seeing the prices jump and their suppliers are struggling to keep up with the potato demand.

We can blame last year's weather and a downward trend in potato production. Boise State Public Radio News just posted an article about how last year's weather affected this year's crop and now we are seeing fewer potatoes in grocery stores.

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