Most celebrities look for privacy any chance they can get so it's always surprising when they open themselves up to the public. It's even more surprising when they do what Ashton Kutcher did and put out their phone number so you can text them. At first, many people thought that Ashton had been hacked but so far it appears that it was actually him that tweeted it out. The tweet has since been deleted with another saying he will be posting it again soon.

His original post stated that he missed having a real personal connection with people so that's why he preferred you just text him. No word from Ashton as of yet how many texts he received but I can only imagine it's a lot... By the way, if you're curious the number he tweeted out was +1 (319) 519-0576. I had to give it a try and after I texted the number a link and automated message popped up asking me to follow to add myself to his phone.

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