The Internet doesn't lie. We know exactly how you celebrated dad this weekend.

This past weekend was all about dad. I road tripped to see my dad and we spent the weekend reminiscing, laughing, and talking about the dreams we both have for our lives. I have such a great bond with my dad and I'm thankful for him every day. Oh, and of course we ate steak!

How did you celebrate?

You probably posted a very sweet Father's Day image on social media. I'm sure you did more than that, but according to Google we were looking for the perfect image to post or to send in a text message. And when I say "we", I mean the entire state of Louisiana.

Satellite Internet compiled a list of the top Google searches on Father's Day weekend. The country searched everything from smoking meat and movie times to Best Buy hours and IHOP near me. It looks like dad's big day still revolves around great food and entertainment.

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