Who’s got two fingers, a dope-ass bracelet and a notebook? THIS GUY. Sony has unveiled the first official image of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in the upcoming Venom movie (which weirdly has no relation to the current Spider-Man universe) and…well, he looks like Tom Hardy. At least he’s easy on the eyes?

Actually, I’m not even sure Tom Hardy wore a costume for this movie. He looks like he’s wearing his own clothes in the first official still (via Rotten Tomatoes):


Surely it can’t be that simple, right? Okay, let’s think about this: It’s Tom Hardy, and he’s got one of those meditation bracelets and some other hippie hemp bro bracelet, and he’s got a notebook that he’s holding open with two fingers. He looks like he’s on the verge of solving a mystery — OR maybe…wait a minute. Those two fingers are in the shape of an upside down V. V is for VENOM! You guys, we figured it out.

And if that pic isn’t enough for you, here’s a video Sony released of Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer, from a live-stream event in…Brazil? They are totally on an actual movie set and that applause is 100 percent not fake:

The video is really only worth watching for the way Hardy shows off his Venom movie t-shirt — as you can see in the still. Aside from that, I am not sure what the point of this video is; Hardy and Fleischer don’t say anything notable, and then Hardy pulls an Oprah and tells the crowd that there’s a Venom shirt under each of their seats.

Sony’s wacky promotional shenanigans aside, there’s plenty of reasons (okay, names) to be optimistic for this Venom movie: Tom Hardy (doy), Michelle Williams (I mean, what) and Jenny Slate (again, I say what).

Venom will hit theaters on October 5.

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