You might be surprised to learn which Parish in Louisiana pays teachers the most. It's not in New Orleans, or Baton Rouge where the standard of living is a little bit higher. The top two on the list of all 64 parishes are in our neck of the woods.

The average teacher pay in Louisiana according to the State Department of Education is $56,763. The lowest on our list is $39,475 while the highest is $66,155.

How Much Do Teachers in Each Parish in Louisiana Make?

You might be surprised to learn the highest paid teachers in the state are in northwest Louisiana.

Here Are the Highest Paying Jobs at a Typical Amazon Plant

Shreveport's Amazon plant is expected to open this fall. What will be the highest paying jobs at the facility?

The List of the 20 Smallest Towns in Louisiana

The 2020 census numbers are still being evaluated by many demographers. We pulled up the list of the smallest towns and villages in Louisiana. Many of them saw shrinking populations over the past 10 years.

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