Looking for an adventurous smoothie recipe? Look no further than Younger star Hilary Duff's new interview on the latest episode of Dr. Elliot Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy podcast.

Duff, who gave birth to her baby daughter, Banks Violet Bair, on October 25th, was featured in the two most-recent episodes of the podcast. In the latest installment, Duff reveals that after an at-home water birth, she consumed her placenta...in a fruit smoothie

"It was the most delightful smoothie I’ve ever had," Duff says on the podcast. “I haven’t had a smoothie that delightful since I was ten. It was calorie-filled with juice and fruit and everything delicious."

While the trend of new mothers consuming their placenta is becoming more common, we've never heard of a placenta smoothie. Points for originality, Hilary. Other celeb moms who've revealed they consumed their own placenta after childbirth include Katherine Heigl, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, and Alicia Silverstone.

It is believed that ingesting the placenta, which is full of natural nutrients, can help with postpartum depression and increase breast-milk production in new moms.

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