Holiday shopping might bring out super savings, but it also brings out sleuths.  But there are things you can do to protect yourself and your wallet.  Amanda Larkins, Outreach Manager for the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office says always be aware of your surroundings.

“Never leave your personal items or packages unattended and be alert when loading major purchases into your car, especially after dark,” says Larkins.

Larkins says when shopping with small children take extra precaution in case you are separated. With large crowds the likelihood increases.

“Plan for a location to meet in case your group gets separated and make sure that the small children know your cell phone number and how to contact 911,” Larkins stated.

Another tip Larkin has for you this holiday season is to use only one credit card when shopping. It could save you valuable time in the end if things do go awry.

“Carrying cash can attract thieves, and so if you have that single credit card and if your wallet or purse is stolen you only have to worry about making that one cancellation call,” says Larkins. Also, be sure to check that card for unusual activity after you’ve made shopping trips and especially when you’ve used the card online.

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