We have several great artists from our state, but who reigns supreme in all-time sales?

Each state has their own hometown artists. They are our own blood because they come from the very same state that we do. This instantly creates a connection between us and them. It also makes us extremely bias in their favor which turns out to be a bonus for them when it comes to music sales.

So if we were to break down each state, who would be top of the class?

According to VividMaps.com, each state has that one artist that has sold more than the rest. The most profitable artists out there, if you will. I can't find exactly where Vivid Maps got this information, but they tend to make maps for all sorts of questions you may have about our country. Just take it with a grain of salt and debate it if you'd like.

Top Selling Artists in the Ark-La-Tex:

Texas: George Strait

Arkansas: Johnny Cash

Louisiana: Lil Wayne

See the entire map here.

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