Would you like to win a Honey Boo Boo "scratch and sniff" card?

We are giving away some of the cards this week, but you have to know your Honey Boo Boo trivia: Here are some of our sample questions:

Erin and June have something in common...it has to do with a food they don't like. What is it?
Where does the family live?

June and Sugar Bear just got married.....describe June's wedding dress.

June has 4 girls they all have nicknames.....what are they?

Pig's name:

Chicken's name:

How does June check to see if pasta noodles are done?

Sugar Bear's real name:

Honey Boo Boo has an Uncle...what do they call him?

The family gets specialty meats where?

Honey Boo likes to drink go-go juice...what's it made of.

June has a deformity....what is it?

June's grandbaby has a deformity what is it?


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