House Of The Dragon has gotten off to a great start with big ratings and strong reviews, but that doesn’t mean fans are happy with every part of the series. The thing is, the biggest criticism of the show doesn’t come from bad writing, weird casting, or stilted acting. Instead, it's a more technical matter. During one of the scenes in the third episode, “Second Of His Name,” King Viserys’ hand looked a little ... off.

Generally, King Viserys is missing a few of his fingers. In this one shot though, you can see that actor Paddy Considine is wearing a green-screen glove on his hand. Of course, the glove was there with the intention that in post-production, his fingers would be edited out. The mistake almost harkens back to a huge Game of Thrones blunder that happened back in 2019. Someone left their Starbucks cup on one of the tables, and it somehow ended up in the final shot.

The Hollywood Reporter was able to reach out to HBO to see what they thought of the whole thing, and a representative got back to them to explain that it would be fixed in the near future. In fact, the revised version of the episode should hit the streaming service later this week. While it’s great that they're fixing it, it's wild to think that this kind of stuff gets past an entire editing team.

You can watch the VFX boo-boo below:

New episodes of House of the Dragon air on Sunday nights on HBO and HBO Max. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

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