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I've lived in Haughton, LA for the majority of my life, and until now, I never knew how the town got its name! Haughton is a town on the eastern edge of Bossier Parish, LA, and is considered a part of the greater Shreveport-Bossier area and if you're like me, you thought maybe the name had something to do with the 'Haughton' brand of elevator? Maybe? No.

The name of the town actually came from the Haughton family. According to BeBossier.com, William Haughton settled in the area by way of Tennessee and Mississippi in the 1800s. He and his wife Harriet ended up with 2,000 acres that became known as 'Haughton Place.' William liked the area so much, he told friends and they began to move to the area, including the Lawrences.

That's important, because William's son Paul, married Mary Jane Lawrence after returning home from fighting in the Civil War. This joined the two family's land holdings. Later in 1881, Mary Jane Lawrence Haughton sold part of their land to a new railroad coming to the area. Now at that time, the town was called Lawrenceville, but that didn't work for the railroad, because they already had a Lawrenceville that they served on the route. And because of that, Lawrenceville became the town of Haughton in 1882.

I was amused to find out that Haughton boasted three saloons at the time as our little community grew with the railroad that we criss-cross back and forth to this today to get from Haughton High School to Haughton Baptist. I guess it's true. We do learn something new every day!

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