Just when we thought How I Met Your Mother producers came to their senses over a potential How I Met Your Dad spinoff, 20th Century Fox TV seemed to resurrect the possibility with a more Father-ly title. Now, a promotion on NBC’s This Is Us may throw a wrench into How I Met Your Father once more.

Back in December, we learned that This Is Us co-executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger would helm the new series, while How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas would executive produce in some capacity. Now that Aptaker and Berger have been elevated to co-showrunners for This Is Us Season 2 (via TVLine), How I Met Your Father “will be put off for a while.”

How I Met Your Father wasn’t intended to keep any elements of How I Met Your Dad, but was still described as “an ensemble show that tells the story from a female point of view.” The script was written as an internal spec for 20th Century Fox TV, while the lack of characters from the original series enabled How I Met Your Father to market the series at other networks outside of CBS.

No one has been breaking down the door for a How I Met Your Mother revisit just yet (not after that ending, anyway), but should How I Met Your Father see the light of day regardless?

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