I just got back from a five-day vacation during the Fourth of July Holiday at Lake Fork, Texas. Yes there is a lake in Texas. It wasn't an ordinary vacation. It was actually 'My Big Ole Family Reunion."

My mother passed away a couple of years ago, as did her two brothers and her mother, but when we got together with the surviving sister, Aunt Wanda, and all the cousins and their children, it was like a small city.

Did you ever see the movie, "Woodstock"? It's a documentary about the three-day music festival of peace and love, starring all the great late 1960s rock bands. There were so many people in this small town of Woodstock in upper New York State, that it was declared a disaster area and the interstates were closed.

Well, this wasn't that big, but it was pretty big. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 people, including children and two babies attended, and we were all wearing different colored t-shirts representing our parents.

There were people from as far away as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Maryland and Alabama, and others from nearby East Texas towns. My mother's family wore light blue t-shirts, Aunt Wanda's family wore green, my Uncle Charles' children, grandchildren and great grandchildren wore yellow, and there was no one representing my Uncle Thomas.

I enjoyed finally seeing my little six month old great nephew, Jaxson, for the first time. His parents have already decided he's destined to play football for the Auburn Tigers. His Dad is trying to teach him how to say, "War Eagle!"

Some of the guys fished on Lake Fork (world famous for bass fishing tournaments), the children played games, and we all ate barbecue. Then we had a concert with some of us playing guitars and singing. It was the most fun I've had in years, re-connecting with cousins we spent every summer with as children on vacation in Dallas. We're all in our 50s now with children, some with grand children and some with great-grandchildren.

My Big Ole Family Reunion was in the planning stages for a whole year, but it only lasted for three days, so we decided we'd do it every two years. When the summer of 2014 rolls around, watch for another post. This time, we'll all be meeting in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

I think I'll buy some sunscreen.