If you're from Louisiana, does it mean you can drink people from other states under the table? Is that something we even want to be the best at? A new study has done the research to find out the answer for this very important survey.

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Do You People In Louisiana Drink A Lot?

Louisiana is known worldwide for its unique culture, and alcohol consumption clearly plays a significant part in its uniqueness.

To-Go-Cups, Drive-Thru Daiquiri Shops, and more are things we don't think twice about because we've all grown up with it. However, people from out of state are floored when they find out about these things.

That being said, growing up in a state with such a close relationship with good cold beer, does it mean we have a higher tolerance than folks from other states?

Giorgio Trovato Unsplash.com
Giorgio Trovato Unsplash.com

How Many Beers Does It Take The Average Person To Catch A Buzz?

Upgradedpoints.com conducted a survey to find out which states are the real booze hounds, and which states are lightweights.

Before we dive in, it's important to note how being "tipsy" was defined for this study.

According to upgradedpoints.com they defined the word "tipsy" as -

  1. The act of getting slightly drunk, but not too drunk
  2. Feeling a nice buzz
  3. Tipping or tilted, as if from intoxication
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


From upgradedpoints.com -

"We surveyed over 2,000 Americans to quench our thirst, asking survey respondents to tell us how many 0.5 L bottles of domestic beer (your average Yuengling) it would take to feel tipsy."



According to the survey, the biggest boozers in the U.S. are found in Texas. It apparently takes the average Texan 5.17 beers to catch a buzz.

Virginia is a fairly close second with an average of 5.12 beers before Virginians get tipsy.

So, where does Louisiana land on the list?

Believe it or not, Louisiana lands at #15 out of all 50 states.

The survey says it takes the average Louisianans 3.63 beers before catching a buzz.

At first, I felt a bit slighted. We all know that anyone from Louisiana can drink anyone from Texas under the table.

Apparently, maybe not, and maybe that's not a really bad thing.

Engin Akyurt via Unsplash.com
Engin Akyurt via Unsplash.com

The folks at upgradedpoints.com didn't stop there. While they were at it, they tallied up the average amount of money people in Louisiana spend on booze to reach tipsy level.

Average Cost of a Beer in Louisiana from a Grocery Store - $2.44

Night Cost of Getting Tipsy Off Beer in Louisiana - $8.88

Annual Cost of Getting Tipsy Off Beer in Louisiana - $461.73

Lifetime Cost of Getting Tipsy Off Beer in Louisiana - $25,164.31

You can read more over at upgradedpoints.com.

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