You found a bae to keep you warm this Christmas, yay! Now, how much do you spend on their gift?

Love is evident around the holiday season. I've spent many a Christmas alone under the mistletoe, but even while dating someone I felt it wasn't necessary to get them a gift. Luckily, I married someone who doesn't need gifts to make him happy. Others feel immense pressure to find the perfect gift for their new holiday flame.

So how much do you spend?

Hopefully not more than they do. Ask Men recently did a survey, ahead of the holiday season, asking how much men and women spend on a new relationship at Christmastime. Turns out, girls are more frugal than men.

In fact, 48 percent of women will cap their spending at $50. Only 36 percent of men feel the same way. That means more men are willing to go the extra dollar to make their partner happy than women. I'd like to think that's because women are better at finding a deal than men.

That data was similar to the number of men who would spend more than $150 on a new partner. 14 percent of men are willing to put down more money. As for women, only 9 percent of women would spend that much money. I guess ladies are waiting to see if the man is worth it and men are ready to show that they are.

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