School in Louisiana starts very soon.  Some districts will start ringing school bells and cracking books in as little as 10 days.  Parents and soon-to-be students are in a frenzy this week to simultaneously squeeze in the last bit of summer fun, and wrap up the last minute preparations for the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.  Personally, we've been squeezing in time to buy new uniforms and school supplies in between our daily swimming routine.  Soon enough, we will make the transition into the routine of getting up early, getting to the bus, and getting that homework done.

Teachers and administrators are picking up steam, readying themselves for the moment that the freshly rested minds of summer kids into the learning machines of the new school year.  These children are valuable to us all, though that value may vary whether you are a parent or the school.  As a parent, I can truly say that my child is priceless.  The school has a more finite number in mind.

In Louisiana, the average amount of money given to the district per child is $10,888. That is according to the data from the Louisiana Education Department, and it is almost two thousand dollars per student more than last years number ($8,965).  Remember, that's an average.  Bossier Parish will receive $8,977 per student year, and is near the bottom of the list.  At the top of the list is Bogolusa Parish.  They will receive $11,546 per student, which is much closer to the national average of $12,148 per student.

Check out the entire, interactive map here.