Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen is a doctor in Michigan. He has produced this video so that you and I might safeguard ourselves and our families even more against the coronavirus. In this video, Dr. VanWingen explains the processes that you'll want to go through to "sanitize" your groceries before you put them away.

Let's face it, we don't know how many hands have been placed on the products that we have purchased at our favorite grocery store. From the manufacturing process to packaging to shipping and then placing the items on the shelves it is certainly unclear just how many people may have touched the products that are now on your kitchen counter. We certainly don't know the particular health of those individuals either.

That's why Dr. VanWingen is suggesting these extraordinary steps. Yeah, the advice is a bit over the top but then again this whole coronavirus thing has gone over the top too. I must admit, we don't follow all of these safeguards at our house. We have developed some similar protocols for outside items brought into our home but not nearly to the extent that Dr. VanWingen suggests.



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