I have been craving crawfish for a few weeks, so I decided to try to find a good one today and I did!

I found out about a crawfish boil in Frierson, so I jumped in my car and drove down there to see if I could sneak in. It worked. There were about 20-25 people popping in and out of the house and I just acted like I belonged. After I introduced myself to a few people, many knew of me from the radio and thought I was there with someone else!


These folks cooked about 120 pounds of crawfish! They got them from a vendor in Alexandria for $1.50/pound. These were huge crawfish and so tasty. Round one was the spicy batch and I love those. I hung around to try batch #2 and they weren't as spicy, but still very delicious!

They also boiled up corn, potatoes, mushrooms, onions and sausage. All were great. I am so full now, but looking forward to Crawfish Crash #2 next weekend. If you know of a great crawfish boil going on, let me know!