Gather 'round, kids!

There's a new Tik Tok challenge that is trending, and I've heard it's all the rage.

Tik Tok has completely taken over Snapchat as the next new 'big thing', so it's only fitting that I keep abreast of all things Tik Tok-related.

My 9-year-old daughter, Willow, keeps telling me I should download it to my phone again, but it takes up too much space. I need space on my phone for all the selfies and impromptu videos I take of myself doing crazy stuff.

Maybe I should prank my kiddo and do the latest Tik Tok thing called the Water Bottle Challenge!

Anyone, young or old, can do the Water Bottle Challenge in these five easy steps:
Step 1: Find a victim Step 2: Put any coin under a bottle of water that is OPEN. Step 3: Tell the victim they can make the coin magically disappear from underneath the bottle. Step 4: Ask the victim to look into the bottle Step 5: Squeezing it and splashing them in the face with water.

There is another water bottle challenge happening on Tik Tok. It's where you are sitting near someone while you're drinking water and then you start spilling it all over them. DUMB.

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