Between now and the first week of January millions of us will be traveling somewhere else for Christmas, or family and friends may be coming to see you and that means lot's of road traffic.

Nothing is as aggravating as a traffic jam, so the state police have issued a few reminders on how to get road conditions, and importantly which numbers to call if you experience a breakdown or other traffic issue yourself.


Whether you get caught with a blowout and need help changing the tire, total auto breakdown, accident or even witness reckless driving or road hazards dial 511 from any cell phone in Louisiana. A Louisiana 511 phone AP is available here.

State Police Urge Preventative Measures for Safe Travel During Christmas and New Year's Seasons

The task of reducing crashes and preventing a holiday tragedy is the responsibility of both law enforcement and me and you.  Through preventative steps and safe choices by drivers and passengers in motor vehicles, the vast majority of holiday crashes can be prevented.  During the next couple of weeks Troopers will partner with law enforcement across the state to conduct proactive enforcement in support of the national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.

Designate a Sober Driver

Plan ahead, for couch space, floor space a cab or whatever, do not drink and drive this holiday season or you risk missing Mardi Gras.

Buckle up children safely and properly in properly designed child safety restraints also known as car seats.

It's Not Just Texting That's Deadly

When it comes to being distracted behind the wheel be aware of the three main types, visual when you're looking at the GPS, text, etc., Manual Distractions take your hands off the wheel, again texting, opening a bag of chips, and so on and Cognitive Distractions. These take away your focus from driving, talking with passengers, singing with the radio, dealing with work or emotional stress and flipping off other drivers are a few examples of these.

Where ever you go, whatever you do please be aware and let's all welcome 2020 safely and Merry Christmas!

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