If you were listening to the show on Tuesday, you probably heard about our experience with 'the skunk.' Sure, they're cute, but they sure do pack a punch!

Let me set the stage. I'm late. Like really late. It's 5am and I'm letting my four furbabies out before heading to work. The dogs go insane! That's when I see it. The telltale black tail waving on a cat-like animal. The dogs go straight into attack mode.

I start shrieking. I mean full on screaming for them to come back. Thankfully, Cyrus our latest rescue returns immediately and so does Mikey, our sweet doxie, after thinking about it for a moment. I hurriedly put them in the house and rushed to wake up my husband. I'm sure he woke up quicker than he would have liked... after all, I was still shrieking like a crazy woman.

Both Bella, our Bullmastiff and Cam, our child of unknown origins, had been sprayed at this point. And the skunk couldn't get away because it was cornered... in our yard with an eight-foot privacy fence! Picture this... Keith, my husband, in his boxers and a smile waving a broom to get the dogs away from the smelly perpetrator. He broke two brooms and then resorted to a PVC pipe trying to separate the different species. That didn't work. But we both were late for work at that point. He had to pin the two remaining dogs up on the porch and hope the skunk made his way out The dogs were going to have to just brave it because they certainly weren't coming into the house at that point.

Of course, I received some great advice when it came to getting rid of the smell. One was a 5-gallon bucket of Bloody Marys, half to drink and half to bathe the dogs in. Concoctions of peroxide, Dawn, tomato and lemon juice, etc... were offered up. Of course, my favorite suggestion was to just sit down and drink a bottle of Crown!

After stinking up the studio with fetid butt juice for hours, I couldn't stand myself, even though I hadn't been scored with a direct hit. It was time to go for the big guns.

I went straight to Petsmart after work and picked up a bottle of Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover and it worked! Plus, it was on sale for around $7.50. Score!

So, avoid skunks if you can, if not, it might be time to invest in this stuff. After all, we do live in Louisiana!


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