It is a snow day! While some people are excited about no school and no work, others are not as excited. The magic of snow flurries wore off a few hours ago and now they are left with a sharp reality.  Maybe you know this reality. The reality that the kids are home all day!

Sure they are cute all bundled up and excited about the snow. That excitement is with you for the next 24 to a possible 48 hours.  They just had a three day holiday weekend.

Today is starting to get rough for you. We understand. Your kids who just received several new toys for Christmas are bored.  How is that possible?  They are in and out of the house, up and down in a word...LOUD. We want to help. So here are some tips on keeping your little ones quiet and keeping your sanity on this snow day.

  • 1

    It's Movie Time

    Turn on a movie that is sure to make your little snow bunnies leave you alone for at least 90 minutes. How about The Polar Express? Sure they watched it 512 times during Christmas break, hey it's a new year. Put it on.

    Another favorite is the Chronicles of Narnia, it has snow and magic. They will love it.  If you are feeling really bold start Harry Potter. Oh yes! Keep them glued to the TV with a series of movies.  You are welcome.

  • 2

    Hide and Go Seek

    This is a classic children's game that has been played for ages. Why? That's easy, because while they are hiding you are pretending to find them. Yep let junior hide. When he is well hidden, make sure to say something like "I am going to find you!" or "Where could he be?" While he is happily hiding out, you are enjoying some me time. Make sure to not let it last too long. If you do this just right, you can get a few rounds in and that is more peace for you.

  • 3

    Color Me Happy

    The internet is filled with coloring pages! Print out a few snow day themed pages and let them color their little hearts out.  You can even make it a game.  Who can color the best picture? You don't care, but make sure to make it sound like you do.

    Also, coloring for adults is a popular thing now, so print out some pages for yourself and color away. It is an activity that will relax you.