If you can get to an area with clear skies tomorrow night, you catch a glimpse of a rare lunar phenomenon.  Though not as impressive as last month's Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse, this event will present its own uniqueness.  The Super Snow Moon is set for Tuesday, February 19th - and it's the closest our celestial little sister will be to Earth all year.

Your main issue will be weather.  Looks like cloud cover will keep your lunar gaze obscured in the Ark-La-Tex, as the forecast calls for a cold night with 100% chance of rain.  So, if the inner selenophile just has to see this rare curiosity, pack it in for a decent drive.  Ft. Walton Beach should be clear enough - the forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and a low of 74 degrees.

The Super Snow Moon is so named for the typically snow covered ground it is viewed above (not named in Louisiana, or it would be called the Crawfish Moon), but it has another name - it's also known as the "Hunger" Moon.  Traditionally, this view of our closest celestial neighbor was seen as food stores for the winter were starting to get thin.

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