I never heard of National Lipstick Day until this time last year. Everyone was freaking out because Mac and some other stores were giving away free lipstick. I have the Teddy color from Macand it is my go to lipstick. As someone who can't drop lots of money on makeup you can tell that this holiday was an attention grabber.

If you are looking to cash in on some free lipstick Sunday, July 29th, you might want to swing by some of the stores listed below. They will be participating in the holiday, according to Bustle.

Free Lipstick with Purchase:

  • Winky Lux - With every purchase they are giving away of free lipstick while supplies last.
  • It Cosmetics- Use the code LIPDAY2018 with a minmun $60 purchase and you will get two free lipsticks.
  • Stila- Just a simple BOGO on their "Stay All Day" lipstick.

Literally Walk Up and Get Free Lipstick

  • Mac- Hold on to your shorts because there is no purchase necessary for this free lipstick!  There is one located in Dillards at Mall St. Vincent!




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