Authorities say they have found human remains in Bossier Parish, but have not connected the discovery to any on-going investigations. The remains are being referred to as "unidentified" at this time.

Here are the details released by the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office:

During a joint investigation by Bossier Sheriff’s Office detectives with Bossier City Police Department, unidentified human remains were found in Northern Bossier Parish Friday afternoon. While BSO deputies have been assisting BCPD officers with their missing person’s cases, there is no confirmation as to whether the remains found have any connection to their cases.

The Bossier Parish Coroner’s Office has the remains to determine identity. Detectives are continuing their investigation

KTBS is reporting that the discovery came from a tip they received. The tip they received was in relation to a missing persons case, but the Bossier Sheriff's Office has not confirmed that the remains have any connection to the case.


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