There are awards shows for just about anything these days. Now for an award show that celebrates your dogs natural ability to hump your leg. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2012 Humpy Awards.

I was so excited to think this was an actual awards show, but it is really an ingenious viral video promoting AMC's new series "Small Town Security" that premieres this Sunday.

The real giveaway is right in the beginning of the video when you see the back of a security personnel's shirt that reads "JJK Security." That is the fictitious security firm that "Small Town Security" follows in this mock-umentary style  TV show.

Regardless if the Humpy Awards is real or not it is still a hilarious video. I could actually see this being a read awards show. I mean they have the World's Ugliest Dog contest. Why not the Humpy's? It just goes to show that you can't believe a thing on the internet.

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