A sales tax discount is available for hurricane preparedness items this weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, residents can purchase flashlights, batteries, portable generators and other emergency supplies at a reduced sales tax rate.

Department of Revenue spokesperson Byron Henderson says...

“Eligible items will be subject to only 3% state sales tax, that is a 2% discount from the normal 5% state sales tax.”

But Henderson says the full amount of any local sales tax applies to all purchases. He says lawmakers approved this tax holiday to encourage families to buy emergency supplies prior to the start of the hurricane season.

“Instead of waiting until the aftermath to try to buy things like batteries, storage coolers, cell phone batteries, things that might have disappeared from the shelves in the aftermath of a storm.”

Henderson says for more information on what is eligible under the sales tax discount visit revenue.louisiana.gov. He says the exemption applies to the first $1,500 of the purchase price of each eligible item.

“If one of those items costs more than $1,500, let’s say the generator costs $1,600, then you would only pay the full 5% sales tax on the difference.”

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