We're now halfway through this hellacious hurricane season.

I'm sure everyone in Louisiana can agree, I'm hopeful that the first half of the hurricane season will end up being much worse than the second half. After all, just a little more than a week ago, Louisiana was hit by one of the most powerful storms to ever arrive in Louisiana, in the form of Hurricane Ida.

Louisiana is still in the process of rebuilding, a process that we unfortunately know all too well. There is good news for us this week, though, and that is this Friday marks the halfway point of this year's hurricane season.

Of course, that's good news from a timeline perspective, but bad news when you realize what the exact middle of the hurricane season means. Believe it or not, the middle of the hurricane season is also the season's most active time. However, there are no named hurricane's making their way to Louisiana, at this time.

Also, every day that passes as we move into November means we are statically less likely to see another named storm this season. Of course, as we all know, these things can pop up and wreak havoc on seemingly a moment's notice, but for the time being, things are looking good on the hurricane-front.

The first half of our hurricane season has been one of the most active seasons in history, with 13 named stormed making landfall. That's substantially higher than the average at the midway point of pervious hurricane seasons.

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