Hyundai Glovis announced on January 4th that they would be opening a distribution center at the old GM plant in Shreveport. Recently Glovis America's president Glenn Clift talked to KSLA news and gave an update on the facility.

Clift says that Glovis has already hired 134 full time employees through Kelly Services, with more hires on the way. He also mentioned that their vendors (companies like Union Pacific, Ship Cars Now and others) have also increased their staffs to accommodate the increased work load.  Clift believes that with the projected work load, the center could hire more employees than originally expected.

Clift went on to say that the distribution center is in its final stages with some portions expected to be completed by the end of the month. "The vehicle processing area is 95% complete," he said.  "Vehicle storage areas are still in the development stage and about 60% complete.  The processing area will be completed by the end of April."

If you would like a job at the Hyundai Glovis distribution center, contact Kelly Services. You can apply at the agency's office at 425 Ashley Ridge Blvd or by phone at (318) 869-0835.


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