... SOCKS!  I like socks.  I buy them in bulk!  There’s a little known fact about me.  Maybe not the most interesting fact, but I think socks are one of the greatest things invented by man.  I don’t know how we would live without computers, cell phones and cars, but without socks i’m sure that our feet would be terribly cold.  And where would American folk culture be without sock hops and sock monkeys?!?!

Socks are functional.  Did you know that the foot producers more sweat than most parts of your body, over a pint of perspiration per day.  Yuck!!  Without socks we would be walking around in wet smelly shoes, people.  In very cold environments, socks decrease the risk of frostbite.  And let’s face it…even in not so cold environments who likes cold feet? 

The name sock is actually derived from a slipper, called a soccus, worn by Roman comic actors. Yep, socks are funny!  Some little known sock facts:  A family of four will lose up to sixty socks every year.  Black socks are the most likely socks to go missing. And in the 10th century, only the rich could afford socks.  Yep, such a gift was appreciated even by Kings.  So next time you receive socks as a gift… hug grandma’s neck and remember they were once sought after by kings and comedians.

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