I’ll admit it, I have a problem. I shop to win. I can’t resist stacking discounts and coupons at stores like Ulta and Kohl’s. Seriously. The second I earn Kohl's cash and it's time to use it, I cash it in, earn more and the cycle repeats itself. It's vicious, I know...

A few weeks ago, they had a boot sale online at Kohl’s and and when I got the package I couldn’t wait to rip it open... And what did I find when I saw my cute new boots in person? They were orthotics! I friggin' bought ORTHOTIC SHOES?!?!

When did I get old? I bought orthopedic shoes because I thought they were cute?!?! Even worse, I bought two pairs!!! What’s next? Mom jeans? A mini van? Shoot me now!

The sad thing is that when I went back and looked at the website, it said they were 'Ortholite' right there in the description. Guess I need my eyes checked, too! Ugghhh!

Now I have to guy buy a pair of four inch stilettos to make up for this travesty! I do not accept this... and they're not that comfortable anyway, so there!

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