If Phoenix Underground does return and this man is not there, I believe the city would riot.

Let's face it, Phoenix Underground's rumored return has ruled social media over the past few days. For those who have missed the news and speculation, this past weekend, Phoenix Underground took to their Facebook page to share a cryptic message that was met with hundreds of shares and comments and of course, plenty of speculation. Their status was simply.... "Guess What!!!!"

Quickly, it became clear that Shreveport's most-missed nightclub was teasing a reopening. And, at least according to their Facebook page, their rumored reopening will be under a new name and location. The pages bio has changed the name to just "Phoenix" and changed their addressed to 400 Commerce street. Which is of course the beautiful venue that was once Brick Town and later, Kokopellis.

We wrote an incredibly in-depth article yesterday breaking down all of the hints, clues, and speculation. You can find that HERE.

Anyways, once we shared our article, social media was set ablaze yet again. This time, I noticed a reoccurring theme, one that I can't possibly agree with more. People were calling for the return of something in the comment sections over and over and over again.

Of course, there were many things that set Phoenix Underground apart and made it a beloved nightclub for over a decade in Shreveport. So what is that people want to see return?

Is it the bright neon lights and light show? Sure, I know people miss that, but that's not it. Is it the elevator that takes you from a boring street to a booming nightclub? there's no doubt people miss that experience, but that's not it either. Is it the staff of Phoenix that stayed faithful to the club and its patrons for a very long time? I'm sure some of that staff will be back if Phoenix does indeed reopen, but that's not the return I've seen hoped for time and time again on social media.

In fact, this facet of Phoenix Underground in its hay-day actually had nothing to do with the club at all. It wasn't even inside the club. Instead, it was outside on the corner.

Folks, I can say with complete confidence that if Phoenix does come back, and this portion of Phoenix Underground lore is not present, there will be riots in the streets.

Of course, I'm talking about the one and only Mickey the hot Dog Man, and his hot dog stand. While Phoenix Underground ruled the scene for over a decade, one man helped make that time in our lives even more special. That would be Mickey, and I assure you, every single person reading this who experienced a night at Phoenix followed by a hotdog from Mickey would completely agree with everything I've written.

Will Mickey the hot Dog Man serve up weenies next to Phoenix again in the near future? Only time will tell....

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